I am the Judge for Division Three of the Criminal Court of Shelby County, Tennessee. It is responsible for handling all types of criminal cases, from Shoplifting to Murder in the First Degree. Those cases are handled from indictment by the Grand Jury, which commences prosecution, all the way through disposition, whether by guilty plea, jury trial or some other manner.

Prior to being elected in August of 2010, I worked for the District Attorney General's Office for 25 years. Before that, I was a public defender. I also serve as the Presiding Judge for all of the judges of the Thirtieth Judicial District, and am currently designated as a Special Supreme court Justice in the case of Hooker v. Haslam.

When not presiding over court, my interests include reading, bicycling and fly fishing.

  • Career Prosecutor (26 yrs) and former Public Defender
  • Over 200 jury trials
  • Elected Criminal Court Judge in 2010
  • Endorsed by Police, Sheriff's Deputies and the Memphis Bar Association in 2010
  • Appointed by Gov. Haslam as Special Justice of the Tennessee Supreme Court